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Save It For the Show

Feb 26, 2015

No holds barred with Eddie! We talk about a crazy homeless Santa, the guy who has sex with dolphins, my baby daughter has a medical procedure, I insult my wife (shocker), I eat at Guy Fieri’s restaurant, Eddie gets laid, plus lots of emails and voicemails. If you haven't please review the show in iTunes. Love you.

Feb 19, 2015

Friend of the show Dylan Schuck sits in for Eddie this week and we have a great show. We talk about dick pills, getting busted at work watching porn, Dylan’s love of the ‘casting couch,’ final update on me cutting off my beard, getting bday love on Facebook, how stupid The Chronicles of Narnia ends, Costco free...

Feb 12, 2015

New show intro! I have adventures at The Melting Pot and Target (one involves poop), I buy awful toys for my kids, a final yeard update, I have a run in with a “supreme bitch” in my neighborhood, we play basketball, talk about Valentine’s Day and my birthday plus more.

Feb 5, 2015

Great new show full of some hilarious stories. We talk about our new sponsor, I do something awful to my kids, my cats are shitting all over the neighborhood, my wife’s cloth diaper obsession, idiot people liking big butt photos on Instagram, watching the Super Bowl with rabbit ears, I like the pain...