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Save It For the Show

Mar 26, 2015

We’re back with an extra long show and it’s an absolute doozy. I talk about SXSW (lots of celeb sightings including Mark Cuban and Will Ferrell), city tap water flavors, my obsession with bathrooms, I worry I’ll die on a plane, Eddie’s DIY vagina, why is great for underwear, getting drunk in...

Mar 12, 2015

Eddie and I review and have fun with some products from, talk about 'smoking smarties', little league baseball, a gas station accident, first porno video and we discuss some updates on my daughter and the Addy’s. Send us in your thoughts to and review us. Thank you!

Mar 5, 2015

Lots of funny kid stories on this one, including a filthy bath, my son gets a girlfriend, I win a baseball hat, fight a wolf, we talk about the dick size survey, enjoy and more. Walk-off song is “Paper Trails” by Joey Badass.