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Save It For the Show

Dec 21, 2016

This week we revisit the ghosts of christmas past with a bunch of fun holiday themed clips. But first Eddie’s dad helps me kick off the show and then we’re off and running. A major thank you for listening to the show this year. When you’re around your friends this holiday, let em know about the...

Dec 15, 2016

Oh man, this is a wonderful episode. We talk about working at and shopping at Toys R Us, churches ‘advertising' during Christmas, Eddie’s christmas traditions (which are kinda hardcore and awesome), we go deep on the girl who sold her virginity at a brothel, we rip apart the Pixar movie “Cars”,...

Dec 8, 2016

Let’s have fun, it’s the holidays! We talk about decorating the house, playing piano at an old-folks home, wearing ‘dirty’ shorts to the gym, more toilet etiquette, retail workers, revisiting 2 girls 1 cup, going to sleep angry at a partner and lots more. Check out

Dec 1, 2016

Back to a brand new show, I give a recap of my man crabbing trip including dipping, a horrible porta-potty experience and shaming the Dollar Store lady. Plus living with a 1.5 inch penis, we discuss holiday ‘Want, Need, Wear, Read’ and Elf on the Shelf, I help a neighbor with a computer problem, I have a...

Nov 24, 2016

It's a clip show! Amanda Hugginkiss put together six of his favorite clips from the past years, including the origin of "pussy got wet" and much more. Thank you all so much for listening and enjoying the show. See you next week for a new and full-blown episode.