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Save It For the Show

Jan 28, 2016

Hellllo. Another piece of entertainment for you to enjoy. We talk ‘casual racism’, we try out some new segments (What’s Your Story? and Serious Singing), Neil Degrasse Tyson / B.o.B., I share a terrible snow story, lots of questions and fun. Send us your thoughts - and

Jan 21, 2016

Warning - this god damned show has some weird buzz a few times. Apologies if it drives you insane. But it was either post it this way or miss this week. Sorry everyone!! So on to the show! Poor choices! I choose video games over sex (and make a killer bloody marry, recipe on our website), Eddie and I go to...

Jan 14, 2016

This week we ask you - what’s your favorite episode and what made you listen to us in the first place? Let us know at We talk about the lottery, i fondle my wife while she sleeps (not on purpose), I complain about how people are mourning David Bowie, swallowing protocol, jewish porn...

Jan 6, 2016

Special edition show recorded from a secret location. We discuss how I’m very depressed, my son wants to know about sex, we fantasize about working in NYC with Howard Stern, measuring your dong and perineum, how to wipe your ass, masturbation origin stories, Eddie loves Quora and I love New Skin. Thanks for listening....