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Save It For the Show

Feb 25, 2016

A show first, we’ve coined a term! The “Sac-Town Shotgun”. We also talk about how I completely disappoint my kids, YouTube is awful, I have a sex dream, Eddie & I talk about if we’ve ever fought, filming a sex act, butt hygiene, weird places to jerk it, a great work prank and lots more. Super fun show.

Feb 18, 2016

Thanks for the bday love everyone. This show is a doozie. I recap my bday and my bad restaurant experience, how shitty PF Chang’s is, awful home cooking, some Kanye West chat, why do people put objects up their buns, Peyton Manning, ‘Super Penis’ and pulling pranks, I talk about ‘Pub Mix’ forever and more....

Feb 11, 2016

Happy birthday to me! We talk about President’s Day, V-Day for kids, Trump says ‘pussy’ (he lives the PGW lifestyle) and the Funny or Die movie starring Johnny Depp, bad home improvement, I get sweated by a mean-ass barista, how to get your wife to watch porn with you and more. I love you.

Feb 4, 2016

Eddie’s dad is back on the show. Plus I have an embarrassing dermatologist appointment, weird passwords, voicemails, advice for new dads, opening a bar, Sonic / Michael Jackson conspiracy and lots more.