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Save It For the Show

Jun 30, 2016

Goats! My backyard is crawling with goats and we discuss it. Who wants a vial of goat’s blood? Huge shout out to Check them out, it’s a great app to find and discover comedy (and they featured us). We talk about the Sacramento knife fighting nazis, I get ‘sighted’, hear a ‘fire’ mixtape,...

Jun 23, 2016

God damned Dads and Grads. We wax poetic about being a dad and Father’s Day plus Eddie and I go to a shooting range! Is Obama on Reddit? I wonder if I drink too much (probably), have we ever had a gay experience, do we get down with ‘red wings’, would we check out each other’s dicks at a urinal and so much more.

Jun 16, 2016

The world is falling apart! Alligators, guns, corrupt cops. Am I racist? Plus being embarrassed to listen to the show, having your wife wash your ass in the shower, my son does awful karaoke and more. Also be sure to check out the ‘Nothing Off Limits’ podcast on!

Jun 9, 2016

It's your favorite comedy show. We ponder making it big, how internet saturation doesn’t let us break stories to our friends (like the Stanford Rapist or Tila Tequila's insanity), some of my (@danthebeast) tweets, check out (he made our logo), we give some TV watching etiquette,...

Jun 2, 2016

Eddie and I go to a country western block party! Lots of fun stories from that. Plus our take on the Cincinnati gorilla shooting, we discuss our first porns (what was yours?), some reviews, some questions, masturbation as a hangover cure and lots more! Major shout out to our people. We love ya.