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Save It For the Show

Aug 31, 2012

Fun episode with your #realtreats and relationship questions, I wax nostalgic about a college roommate, how germy the iPhone is, my first encounters with real porn and a story from middle school involving guns and some mom panties.

Aug 22, 2012

Quick solo show. I discuss SIFTS overall, celebrate this being my tenth 'sode, introduce #realtreat (what's yours?), talk about the 'sexiest way to die,' my favorite TV shows and rag on Square, Branch, Medium et al.

Aug 17, 2012

Today's show has a great guest in Lyle Underwood (@lyleunderwood) who I think I'll have on often. Obviously "Lyle's Pile" needs to be sped up considerably, since I'm certainly prone to ramble. And maybe we talked video games too much. Ok, we pretty much talked overall too much.

Aug 9, 2012

I start to feel wistful about my son starting 1st grade, share a story about someone printing out some Simpsons porn at my own school, explore day dreaming about food you have at home, and then get two unexpected guests in Phil (@PhilthyThoughts) and Steve (@s__rod).

Aug 2, 2012

Was great to have Mike Bodge ( on the show this week. Just like with Ben, I'm working out the kinks of having a guest. But we're getting there. At a medium pace. Lots of random bullshit talk, with a good chunk about the 'Lympics.