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Save It For the Show

Sep 28, 2012

Dear friend Angie Paglino (@thymwya) is my first lady guest, and we talk about her own passion project, comedy, fall television premiers, The Simpsons and how her dog Ziggy was dog-napped.

Sep 19, 2012

A glorious solo show with a listener #realtreat, what it means to be a #successdad, drug testing and movie/television ratings. What more can you ask for?

Sep 14, 2012

Happy to have my great pal Josh Reddin (@joshreddin) on to riff about how he turned me into a real man, fantasy sports, video games and he shares his own nightmare bedroom story. Plagued once again by technical difficulties, I'm happy to announce I have a whole new setup and equipment for my next show.

Sep 7, 2012

Special guest Mike Ramirez (@mikerevolution) of AKQA in this epi, and it's rife with advertising, pop culture and other meandering chats. Topped off with technical difficulties that you're bound to enjoy. It's a process folks.