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Save It For the Show

Oct 31, 2013

Good pal Mike is back to talk about his upcoming baby, using social media to spam about your kids & getting wasted in front of them, if I take the show ‘too far’, Mike’s lunches, drinking smoothies, camping and ‘partying’, getting ‘boo’ed’, can I beat up a neighborhood kid?, plus Mike’s awful neighbors...

Oct 24, 2013

First annual sex show! Lots of user questions like 69‘ing etiquette, penis pills, where babies come from, masturbating at work, why I’d be a bad gay lover, animal love, waxing, plus getting a home cooked meal, my adventures on the subway, using Uber and eating spiders while you sleep.

Oct 17, 2013

Guest JT Kelley! We talk about drinking with your mom, menthol cough drops as cigarettes, grown man Glamour Shots, being a standup comic, having ‘the talk’ with your dad, kissing your kids on the lips, JT getting “legal” and “party juice”, my hippie salt deodorant, homeless Reno casino people,...

Oct 9, 2013

We're back! The sex of my new baby revealed! And the recap of my Hawaiian vacation - all the Asians there and the whacky things they did, an awful convenience store poop, jellyfish stings, how amazing it is to have a smartphone on vacation, buffet eating, cheesy luaus and more. Plus couples with no kids going on a...