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Save It For the Show

Mar 27, 2014

New show about my daughter Quinn's birth, and all the fun, weird stuff that happened at the hospital. Plus I begin my quest to start a feud with local awful radio personalities Rob, Arnie and Dawn.

Mar 13, 2014

Eddie and I plan our 100th show and play around with our advertising a bit, I give a #tugitfortheshow update, talk about some good/bad Mormon videos for kids about bullying and masturbating, my thoughts on SXSW and the drunkfest it is, my sardine experience and how to eat chicken wings. Plus Eddie tells an epic...

Mar 6, 2014

Eddie and I are back for a doozie. I share a nice email from Paul Barman, we talk about the show and Squarespace, Eddie’s new baby and how she’s a gem plus his wife’s ‘primal groans’ and his love of John Mayer, my Bryan Callen story, my weird thoughts about ‘fate’, my gripe with Uber, I got my shoes...