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Save It For the Show

Jul 31, 2014

Eddie is back! We talk about YouTube stars who are famous for opening toys and playing Minecraft, plus lots of talk about my Santa Barbara vacation including how amazing California is, how important vacation is (and how America doesn’t have enough of it), sneaking my kids onto big-boy rides, awful mean people on...

Jul 17, 2014

Tyler Smith, comedian and weed chef stops by the show for some fun. We talk about his comedy, his cooking show and lots of pot talk (of course). Plus the California State Fair and lots more. Thanks for listening.

Jul 10, 2014

Solo show! Fourth of July recap including fruit pizza, a run-in with my drunk neighbor, my kids’ obsession with fireworks, my new ‘sponsor’ Fireball, shoutout to our Canadian and Australian listeners, my take on Robin Thicke, breastfeed shaming in public, some good/bad user feedback (including almost making a car...

Jul 3, 2014

J-Wunder from is back for more fun. We talk about his awful night out including shitting himself, unintentional porno, embarrassing miss-texts, my supplements having crystal meth in it and I get the world’s worst haircut. Plus lots of questions from J’s fans - like when it’s the right time to talk...