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Save It For the Show

May 28, 2015

Special two guest show this week. Friend of the show Dylan Schuck from The Dead Inside Show stops by to deep-dive on a recent visit he had to a sperm bank. And when I say deep-dive, we really get into it! Then I’m joined by a dear old friend Danielle Fauske for a trip down memory lane. Plus we discuss being functional...

May 22, 2015

Eddie and I are back and kicking major ass with a super funny show. We give a final shirt update (we sold over fifty!), talk about a rude speeder in my neighborhood, fake controversies surrounding Father’s Day Cards and Louis C.K., my soup kitchen fantasy, how I plan to get rid of a pet frog, some Letterman chat, the...

May 14, 2015

Last minute substitution - my wife steps in for Eddie so we don't break her own rule. We talk about the shirts (it’s your final week to grab one at, my neighbors once again think I’m a weird alcoholic, we rescue a stray dog, we discuss our 11 year anniversary, new show segment “Dan’s Tweets...

May 7, 2015

Lighting fast show this week. We do a quick recap of the MayPac fight, give a quick shirt update (we hit our goal!), an unfortunate 'Supreme Bitch' update, I have a post go ‘viral’ in the Podcast sub in Reddit, ‘stepmom’ porn and John Mayer.