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Save It For the Show

Aug 27, 2015

Eddie returns and I pitch a dumb idea to my barber, we give some listener sex advice and answer a bunch of questions, we discuss our hobbies and all the usual shenanigans.

Aug 20, 2015

Friend of the show Duff The Psych sits in for Eddie and we talk about my son catching me during sex, our take on Subway Jared and Ashley Madison, the California drought, Duff’s handsome college roommate, we talk about what constitutes cheating and more. Get more of Duff at

Aug 13, 2015

No stone left unturned. Colonoscopies, extending a ‘weird’ olive branch to new friends, I have a poop emergency in San Francisco, first day of school, OCD poop germs, Eddie’s wife’s butt speaks, limiting the TV my kids watch, my wife is 'passionate' and more.

Aug 6, 2015

An update on Eddie’s ‘hand job’ and Cousin Dave’s mining adventures, plus drinking games for kids, some Donald Trump and Subway Jared talk, some great listener questions (how far would Eddie and I go to see women do something sexual?), some Chromecast chat (and watching porn with friends) and more.